Uniting the Churches

To Preserve and Restore Religious Rights

Our Common Cause

We believe that unalienable rights come from God, and that religious freedom is a gift from the Creator, not the government.

Religious persecution is on the rise as we find ourselves in danger of losing the gifts we hold most sacred, our freedoms of conscience and the practice of our faith. This is the cause that must unite the churches and religions of America today. We must work together to teach the truth of America’s greatest blessing.

“Religion in America takes no direct part in the government of society, but it must be regarded as the first of their political institutions; for if it does not impart a taste for freedom, it facilitates the use of it.

“I do not know whether all Americans have a sincere faith in their religion—for who can search the human heart?—but I am certain that they hold it to be indispensable to the maintenance of republican institutions. This opinion is not peculiar to a class of citizens or a party, but it belongs to the whole nation and to every rank of society.”

Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1830

Our Priorities

Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is a gift from God, not government. Preserving and restoring this sacred right is our common cause.

Uniting the Churches

American churches must work together to defend our unalienable rights. There is more that unites us than separates us.

1st Amendment

We teach the original intent of the 1st Amendment and advocate constitutional scholarship as the sure foundation of our unalienable rights.

Belief vs. Practice

Is there a significant difference between the freedom to believe and the freedom to act on that belief?

 What rights does our freedom of conscience cover?

Join with the Wesley Center to discover the intent of our Founding Fathers in establishing religious freedom in America.

Healing of America Seminars

Seminar 1 - God's Hand in the Building of America

In this foundational seminar, you’ll learn all about the greatness of the American Founding Fathers and will see how they were indeed inspired of God.

You’ll appreciate more than ever that the hand of God was clearly evident in the building of this great land and will realize that the God of heaven did not establish the first free people in modern times just to see them collapse into oblivion. Most important, you’ll understand that America can be healed and that the Founders’ dream can be renewed and realized.

Seminar 2 - The Founders' Charter of Freedom

Nobody seems to talk much anymore about the Constitution as the measuring stick for proposed legislation. When they do mention the Constitution, do you find yourself wishing you really knew more about that inspired document? Have you just not known where to go or whom to trust to get the understanding of the Constitution that you really want?

As you participate in Seminar 2 of the Healing of America series, you’ll study the entire Constitution from the viewpoint of the Founding Fathers. You’ll see how the trend away from using the Constitution to evaluate new legislation has allowed emotionalism and private interests to become the new standard of measurement for most laws. What you learn in this session will enable you to understand and appreciate the Constitution as you probably never have before—and you’ll be ready for the critically important topics that you’ll study in Seminar 3.

Seminar 3 - Attacks on the Charter of Freedom

Sadly, “the unhinging of America” has a real ring of truth in today’s political and economic climate, doesn’t it? Have you been wondering what’s really happening to our country and what you can do to get America back on track?

In Seminar 3, you’ll study the people, organizations, and groups that are using their time and resources to try to change the direction of America to serve their own self-interests. While avoiding focusing on the negative, this session will open your eyes to how far our country has been allowed to drift from the Founders’ original principles.

Just as scientists cannot cure cancer until they find out what causes it, we the American people will never be able to heal America without knowing what is causing it to be sick. As you participate in this seminar, you will receive documentation describing the 100 major problems facing America as a result of America’s abandonment of constitutional principles and will learn how the Founding Fathers forewarned us of these problems.

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The Religion of America

What is the “Religion of America”?

What did the Founding Fathers believe should be taught in schools regarding religion?

Are there any universal teachings that can unite the religions of America?

The Wesley Center believes that there are universal, unifying principles that all sound religions promote and that should be promoted in schools today.

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